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Date: 6/9/2020

Title: June Off to a Crazy Start

We are only a week into the month of June, but we have already experienced a month’s full of weather. Over the weekend a wide variety of weather was found across the United States. 

We had a tropical storm Cristobal move into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend that brought heavy rain to many areas. The remains of Cristobal will move northward into the Corn Belt and Midwest bringing heavy, soaking rains to those areas. At the same time, we had tropical weather in the Gulf Coast, we had snow in high elevations of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies as well as severe thunderstorms with damaging winds hitting Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota.
The week will start off with unseasonably cold temperatures in the west and some central areas of the United States. Snow will fall as low as 7000 feet in many areas of Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Utah and Idaho to start the week. The graphic below shows the snow fall expected this week in those areas. 

Very wet weather will be found in the central and eastern parts of the nation as the remains of Cristobal drift north then east across the nation as the week progresses.