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Date: 7/6/2020

Title: Hot Start to July

Get ready for some heat! Temperatures across many areas the United States will become quite hot this week and through the weekend. Many of you will experience temperatures in the 90s to the 100s across the Southern and Central Plains and hot, muggy conditions will develop in parts of the Midwest.

As a strong area of high pressure builds over the Southern Plains this week, a hot dome of hot air will develop over the very dry parts of the Southern Plains. This will allow the heat to build and expand northward and eastward late this week and through the weekend.

The map below shows the temperatures by Sunday across the nation. The red areas show 80- and 90-degree temperatures with the gray and purple areas showing locations that might exceed 100F.

 Beef producers need to be prepared for some dangerously hot temperatures this week, this weekend and early next week.