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Date: 8/24/2020

Title: Help on the way for Western Heat & Dryness

Drought conditions continue to worsen across the western states and lightning induced wildfires have been raging over the past two weeks. Below is the latest drought monitor, as you can see the drought has spread or deepened across the Rockies, High Plains, Great Basin, the Pacific Northwest and California.

As you would expect, the wildfires have flared up where the drought conditions have been the worse.  This is especially true in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

The uncomfortably hot temperatures and areas of smoke have persisted for the last two weeks. Rangeland conditions have deteriorated across the western plains to the West Coast.
As we head to the last days of August and the beginning of August may bring relief as the weather pattern finally shows signs of change.

While the heat will persist through another week, there will be better chances for rain producing showers and thunderstorms by the second half of the week and a strong Canadian cold front may arrive next week bringing a big drop in temperatures helping to cool off many.

Farther east tropical storm and hurricane activity (Marco and Laura) will bring heavy rains to the Gulf Coast and farther northward into the southern and eastern Corn Belt.