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Date: 8/31/2020

Title: Changing Weather Patterns

August was a month of contrast across the United States. It was a hot August in the western High Plains, Rockies, Desert Southwest and California. On the opposite end of the spectrum temperatures were near to below average from the central and eastern U.S. The graphic shows temperatures relative to normal for the month of August. Look at the contrast in temperatures from the west to the east.

Other than the heavy rains in the Gulf Coast region from Hurricane Laura, most of the nation had a drier than normal August. This was especially true out west and across the Rockies and Great Basin. Precipitation relative to averages in August is shown below.

September will likely not be as hot with temperatures, especially in the central and east early in the month with cooler temperatures and some rain chances, continue to expect warm temperatures in the west although not to the extreme of the heat in August.