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Date: 9/29/2020

Title: Warm West, Cool East

The last days of September and the first days of October will be highlighted by the nation divided into two different areas of weather. There will be quite a bit of contrast from coast to coast.

The very warm and dry conditions across the far west will likely continue for the next two weeks as a big ridge of high pressure will cover the West Coast, Great Basin and Rockies. Those areas will continue to have critical fire dangers continuing through the rest September and into early October.

Rain/snow prospects in the west will be low until at least on or around October 10th. Beef producers in the western states looking for precipitation will have to wait a little longer.
While the warmth and dryness will continue in the west, the central and eastern areas of the USA will be cooler with better chances of getting wet.

The map below shows expected temperatures relative to normal over the next 10 days. Note the orange (warm) in the west and the blue (cool) in the Corn Belt, Great Lakes and Midwest. This same trend may persist well into next week as well! Precipitation chances will be highest in the blue areas (cool) and likely continued dry in the orange (warm areas).