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Date: 10/12/2020

Title: Warm October

If you think it has been a warm and dry October so far, you would be correct. This is especially true across the western states and portions of the Plains. For the first two weeks of October, a big area of high pressure has completely dominated the weather pattern. The high-pressure ridge has kept temperatures well above normal in many areas. The graphic below shows temperatures relative to normal since October 1. Note the warmth in the central and west, while the far eastern areas of October have been a little cooler.

The warmth has also been associated with below average precipitation, which has worsened the drought conditions and extended the wildfire season in many areas. As you can see in the graphic below, only for far southeast and Gulf Coast has had a wet October. The wet areas along the Gulf Coast and southeast mainly due to tropical storm and hurricane activity.

As we investigate the second half of October, we should start to see more in the way of colder temperatures move into the central and western areas of the USA along with better chances for precipitation. The exception may be the far western states (CA, NV, AZ) that may hang on to the warmth and dryness for a little longer.