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Date: 10/19/2020

Title: Cold October Weather Coming

The first half of October has been warmer and drier than average in most of the western and central areas of the USA. Many have mentioned that it felt like an extension of summer with warm days and mild nights across many areas of the USA during the first half of the month. 

However, October has a few curve balls left to throw at us as there will be some colder weather and wet weather headed to many areas of the USA this week and this upcoming weekend. Beef producers in the west, central and north should be prepared for a shot of winter late this week and into the weekend.

In the Pacific Northwest and Rockies, two cold fronts, one arriving Wednesday night and Thursday and another strong storm system will arrive over the weekend. These storms will push east into the Northern and Central Plains spreading, rain, snow and much colder air into many areas.

The graphic below shows the cold expanding across the nation by next Monday. Get ready for the cold!!