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Date: 11/9/2020

Title: Snow and Tropical Storms

We are now entering the latter half of the fall season. The late fall season is a time of year you can have just about every time of weather phenomenon take place and this coming week is a great example of the wild weather you can experience when the seasons changes.

Case in point, the Gulf of Mexico continues its stormy ways with Tropical Storm ETA. Around round of very heavy rain and wind will likely impact parts of the southeast, especially Florida. Note in the graphic below that heavy rains will be possible in many areas of the southeast this week, with the possibility of very heavy rain getting into or near the west coast of Florida. In addition to it being wet, it will be quite warm over most of eastern side of the nation this week.

On the other end of the scale much colder and winter like weather will be moving into the Far West, Pacific Northwest and Rockies. Much needed rain and snow moved into WA, OR and CA this weekend and there is more on the way.

As temperatures fall this week across the Far West, snow will be commonplace, especially in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Rockies and even into parts of the Desert Southwest. The graphic below shows the expected snow totals over the next week.

It will be a week of extremes across the nation with winter showing up in the west and tropical weather in the east!