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Date: 11/16/2020

Title: La Nina Update

La Nina, which is a phenomenon when colder than average sea surface temperatures in the subtropical Pacific occur, continues to solidify as we head into mid-November. The colder waters can have a large impact on weather patterns across North America as we head into the winter season. Note the large stretch of blue (colder water) from South America westward across the Pacific. The large area of blue and green highlights the strength of the La Nina.


The La Nina is strengthening and will likely persist into the early to mid-winter season. This La Nina is likely going to bring more cool, wet and stormy weather to the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies for the rest of November while mild November weather will be found elsewhere.

Below is the long-range model prediction of La Nina lasting well into the beginning of spring and perhaps longer. The thick blue line shows sea surface temperatures remaining cold (below the zero line) well into 2021.