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Date: 12/1/2020

Title: Drought Update

Drought Update

The dry trend that developed in some areas of the USA this past spring and summer have persisted into the fall season and the start of winter. This is especially true in the western areas of the USA where drought conditions worsened in October and November. In the graphic below, note all the areas of dark red, red and brown in western High Plains and Rockies, California and the Desert Southwest. Drought severity has increased in those areas since spring and summer. The fortunes have been better for the central and eastern areas of the nation in 2020.


The strengthening La Nina (colder subtropical Pacific) that developed this past spring has played a large role in the dry conditions that cover most of the western states. Note the big change in drought conditions since last November. The graphic below shows drought conditions in late November 2019. Note that most of the USA had no large areas of severe drought. Quite the change in only a year!