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Date: 12/8/2020

Title: Changes on the Way

While there has been some cold and snow in parts of the Great Lakes and the Northeast, a large part of the nation has experienced a dry and mild start to December. However, changes are on the way that will bring a more winter like weather pattern to a large part of the USA as we head into mid-December.
As we head into the end of the week, expect colder and unsettled weather conditions to move into the Pacific Northwest, Northern Rockies and Northern Plains. In addition to colder temperatures, there will be increasing chances for snow as well. Beef producers in those areas should be prepared for a return to colder temperatures and snow late this week and likely into the next two to three weeks.
An overall trend of colder and more active winter weather will impact the western and northern areas of the USA in the coming weeks and beef producers should be prepared.
The graphic below shows expected temperature trends for the remainder of December and into early January. The blue, green and purple areas show where temperatures are likely to be the coldest. The trend shows the cold will be most widespread in the north and west.

In regard to snow, the expected increase in snow (as seen in the graphic below), corresponds with the expected colder areas through the second half of December and into early January.