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Date: 12/14/2020

Title: Winter Beginning to Settle in

For many areas of the USA, winter weather has been slow to get started this season. However, in the coming days and weeks, winter weather will become more widespread and common.  Colder temperatures and increasing snow chances will be descending on many areas of the United States and Canada this week.

There will be a series of Pacific fronts moving west to east across North America this week and into Christmas week. The result will be colder temperatures and areas of rain/snow in many areas of the USA and Canada. Beef producers across North America should be prepared for winter weather conditions.

 Some areas may see heavy snowfall this week, especially in the Mid-Atlantic states with more snow headed to parts of the Pacific Northwest and Rockies. Snow will be commonplace across a large swath of Canada as well.

 The graphic below shows the expected areas of snowfall over the next ten days.

Very cold air is building over Hudson Bay and the Northwest Territories. This buildup of cold air will increase the risk of colder temperatures for parts of the USA and Canada as we head into the New Year!