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Date: 12/21/2020

Title: Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Wondering if it will be a White Christmas in your part of the world? As is usually the case, it all depends on where you are and what has recently happened with storms if you will have snow on the ground Christmas Day.

Below is a graphic which shows the odds of a White Christmas across the country. As you would expect, the high Rockies and the northern tier of the USA has the best odds of having snow on the ground for Christmas Day. The white areas show a greater than 90% chance of a White Christmas based on climatology followed by blue areas with a 40% or better chance for a White Christmas.


We all know that 2020 has been far from normal in many ways, including the weather at times! The current snow cover map below highlights that fact this Christmas will be a bit unusual as snow cover is quite sparse across the Dakotas and Montana, areas that usually have snow cover this time of year. On the flip side, last week’s big storm in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic is going to promise a White Christmas to those areas.


For those of you with little or no snow on the ground, there still is a chance for snow between now and Christmas Day. The map below shows predicted new snowfall from now through the night of December 25th.