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Date: 2/1/2021

Title: Polar Express

Over the past two weeks, a colder and more winter-like pattern has developed across the USA and Canada with episodes of cold and snow. Despite the recent trend toward colder weather, the month of January was a mild one when compared to normal. The map below shows observed temperatures compared to normal for the month of January. Note all the orange and red across the USA and Canada (above average temperatures).

We will likely see a much different picture when we get to the end of February as Arctic air is finally poised to move south into Canada and the USA beginning this week and into the first two weeks of February.

Beef producers across the Northern Rockies to the Northern Plains/Corn Belt and Great Lakes can expect a big drop in temperatures, snow and very cold wind chills. Likely, the coldest temperatures of the season will be likely late this week, weekend and next week. Many areas will see subzero temperatures and subzero wind chills. The graphic below shows expected temperatures relative to normal over the next ten days.

Cold air will spill into a large part of the USA and Canada over the next two weeks. The graphic below shows the cold coming the next ten days. Be prepared for a lot of winter weather coast to coast in the coming weeks.