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Date: 2/8/2021

Title: Arctic Blast Commencing

The big change to colder weather we discussed last week is coming to fruition. A large part of the USA from the Rockies to the Great Lakes will experience the coldest temperatures and the coldest wind chills of the winter season. Our Canadian friends will experience the severe cold as well.

By far, these will be the coldest temperatures of the season will invade Canada and a large portion of the western and central portions of the USA. Severe cold and severe wind chills will stress livestock concerns over a huge part of North America.

A very impressive area of severe cold will extend all the way from Alaska to Mexico by this weekend and into early next week. Record cold will occur in some areas.

The cold air has already arrived in parts of the Northern Rockies, Northern Plains and western Corn Belt. As the week progresses the cold air will move all the way south into Texas, New Mexico and Mexico by the weekend and into early next week.

The graphic below shows the Arctic air mass across the USA and southern Canada but this Sunday. The purple, green and blue areas represent the areas of Arctic air and temperatures as much as -25 to -40F below average. Notice the large extent of very cold air across the nation.

It is possible that freezing temperatures could reach the Gulf Coast! As you would expect there will be extensive areas of snow as well. Snowfall will be impressive and could make a showing deep in the south-central areas of the USA. The map below shows the possible snow accumulations across the nation over the next ten days. Beef producers be prepared for the biggest blast of cold this year!