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Date: 2/15/2021

Title: An Arctic Blast to Remember

The Arctic air that has enveloped a large part of the nation from the Rockies to the Deep South, to the Northern Plains and Great Lakes will continue to expand through the week. Frozen stock tanks, frozen pipes, power outages, frozen wind turbines and icy roads will follow the air mass as it spreads south and east through the next five to seven days.

The graphic below shows the dagger of cold that was pushing south and east across the central and southern areas of the USA Monday morning. The gray and blue areas show the large extent of sub -zero temperatures.

Record temperatures and record snow/ice has already occurred, and more records will be broken before the week is over. Livestock will be under severe weather stress from the Rockies east all the way to the East Coast all week and into the weekend as the cold, ice and snow will expand to the east and south.

Beef producers in the Pacific Northwest and the Northern and Central Rockies can also expect more waves of snow and cold over the next two weeks.