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Date: 3/1/2021

Title: A February to Remember

Beef producers and many others will longer remember the Arctic Blast of February 2021. The impact on the power grid made the biggest news, but the impact to beef producers will be remembered more for the hardships the snow, ice and severe cold brought along with the cancelled sales and auctions, especially in Texas.

As we head into March the chances for another Arctic blast will diminish but as we all know March can be a wild month as the seasons begin to change and beef producers will need to stay abreast of forecasts as we head into the coming weeks.

Even though the winter was very mild in December and January, the February Arctic blast evened the temperature anomalies quite a bit. The graphic below shows the departure from normal temperatures for February. Every area that are green, blue and purple highlights the areas that were coldest (with purple being the coldest). Only Florida and parts of the southwest USA had above normal temperatures across the lower 48 states.

While February is sometimes a relatively dry month, there was enough snow, ice and rain to help a few areas that have been drier than normal for the past few months. The graphic below shows precipitation relative to normal. Green shows above average precipitation, brown below average and white areas near average.

Note the wet conditions in the southeastern states, the Pacific Northwest and portions of the Central and Northern Rockies and adjacent plains. California, however, had another dry month.