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Date: 3/8/2021

Title: Badly Needed High Plains/Rockies Moisture on the Way

The most recent drought update is shown below. Parts of the western, southwestern and some areas of the central USA are suffering from drought conditions. The below precipitation that occurred in 2020 and the dry winter season has left many areas of the west with poor soil moisture conditions and below normal snowpack in some areas. 

There may be help on the way, however, as two storm systems will move off the West Coast and into the Rockies/High Plains this week and this weekend and both storms will bring rain/snow. While there will be some concern for harsh conditions that will be stressful on young/weak livestock, there may be the best precipitation coming in months to parts of WY, CO, NE, KS, OK and parts of the Midwest.

In addition to significant moisture on the plains, there will be a good shot of snow for the mountains/snowpack as well.

The graphic below shows the expect precipitation trends over the next ten days.

The green areas show above average precipitation with the blue areas showing much above average precipitation chances.

While the precipitation is badly needed and wanted there will be stressful livestock conditions over the next week to ten days in many areas.