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Date: 4/5/2021

Title: Possible Northern Plains and Corn Belt Moisture

As you can see in the most recent drought monitor below, there are still many dry areas across many areas of the Northern Plains, especially across the Dakotas, Montana and areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin and northwest Iowa. Those areas were bypassed by the big March 13-15th storm and the smaller storms that followed. The drought conditions, especially in North Dakota and parts of South Dakota have worsened over the past few weeks. However, there is some hope for much needed rain and snow in those areas over the next week to ten days.

U.S. Drought Monitor 3-30-21

An active storm pattern will be developing across the northern states over the next two weeks. This should result in some better chances for rain/snow and even some thunder this week and into next week. The graphic below shows the precipitation potential over the next ten days.

The forecasts suggests that some (but not all) of the dry areas across the Northern Plains have good chance at desperately needed precipitation.

Northern precipitation over next 10 days