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Date: 4/12/2021

Title: April Cold Snap

April can be a cruel month with mild, almost summer like days rapidly followed by colder temperatures and rain/snow just a few days later. April is the month that has a hard time making up its mind with wild swings in temperature and precipitation a common feature of the month. Although these swings in the weather can be annoying it is one reason why precipitation usually increases during the spring season. Many of you enjoyed a warmer start to April, however, many of you will soon experience an April cold snap.

In a pattern not unlike what we observed in February, a large and cold air mass will drop out of Canada and will head into many areas of the west, north and central areas of the USA. Temperatures will be much colder this week and into early next week in many areas. Like the February cold snap the cold air will plunge into deep into the south, especially Texas.

The graphic below shows the deviation from average temperatures North America over the next week. The blue, green and purple areas show where the coldest temperatures will be over the next week.

Deviation from avg. temperatures N. America over the next week

In addition to the much colder temperatures, there will be areas of rain/snow, especially some snow in parts of the High Plains and Rockies. Stock growers, especially those involved in calving operations need to be prepared for a prolonged stretch of colder temperatures, wet conditions and cold wind chills over the next week.