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Date: 4/26/2021

Title: Warmer Days Ahead

As we discussed last week, April has been a cold month for more than 50% of the lower 48 states. The map below shows all the chilly temperatures that many have experienced since April 1. Notice all the blue/green across a large part of North America.

April Temperature Map April 26 Week Cool

The cool temperatures have kept rangeland grasses from growing and hayfields have been slow to grow in many areas for most of April. Snowpack melt has also slowed to a crawl over the past three weeks.

However, the last days of April and the first days of May should bring warmer, more springlike temperatures to the USA as well as Canada. The graphic below shows the temperatures trends over the next ten days. Note the large area of orange/red across North America. Warmer days are on the way!

April Temperature Map April 26 Week Warmup