Skye Krebs

2024 NCBA Policy Division Vice Chair

Along with his family, Skye Krebs runs Krebs Sheep Company in Oregon, a diversified ranch raising both cattle and sheep. The Krebs family has been ranching in Eastern Oregon for over 100 years, and Krebs hopes to pass the opportunity along to his son and grandsons. 

Krebs is a long-time leader in the beef and sheep industry and most recently served as president of the Public Lands Council (PLC), the advocacy organization for western ranchers who hold federal grazing permits. Krebs also held numerous other positions in PLC including vice president, secretary, and trust protector chairman. He previously was the president of the Oregon Sheep Growers Association and led the North Gilliam County Rural Fire Protection District. 

With his over 40 years of experience in reaching consensus and guiding progress in livestock organizations, Krebs has proven himself to be fair and focused on delivering outcomes that best benefit the industry. He describes himself as service-oriented and committed to moving the industry forward. 

Krebs and his wife Penny have two children, Sybil and Kip. Their son Kip and his wife Sarah along with their five grandsons are all actively involved in running the operation. 

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