Buck Wehrbein
Buck Wehrbein

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Buck Wehrbein

2024 NCBA President-Elect

Buck Wehrbein grew up in eastern Nebraska on a farm raising cattle, hogs and chickens. Wehrbein has managed custom feedlots in Nebraska and Texas since 1984 while feeding his own cattle since 1980. He worked outside Amarillo on a custom feedlot for many years before moving back to Nebraska. 

Wehrbein has been active in the beef industry and served as both chairman and treasurer for the Nebraska Beef Council. He also served on the Beef Promotion Operating Committee. He participated in Young Cattlemen’s Conference in 1993. 

Wehrbein and his wife Sandy have been married 50 years and have three children (two living), seven grandchildren (six living), and seven great-grandchildren (six living).

"We truly feel the NCBA...

...is a grassroots organization and there is power in numbers. Where else have you been part of a crowd of 6,000 people who salute the flag and say prayer before an annual conference?"

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