Have you ever come across headlines or heard politicians discussing our industry and wondered about the decisions being made in Washington? Now is your chance to have a direct impact and make your voice heard at the Legislative Conference! As farmers and ranchers, the policies shaped by lawmakers and federal regulators directly influence the future of our operations. Your perspective is invaluable in the Beltway, and we need your advocacy to champion the issues that are of utmost importance to our community. Join us at the Legislative Conference sponsored by Corteva Agriscience and be a driving force in shaping the future of agriculture. By adding your voice, you can help support:

  • Farm Bill
  • Animal Health
  • ESA
  • NEPA
  • Voluntary Conservation Programs
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Trade
  • And much more!
Join our Washington-based policy team for three days of advocacy on Capitol Hill, meetings with members of Congress and agency officials, education, guest speakers and fun networking with fellow NCBA producers.

Your firsthand stories and experiences are the most powerful tool we have for enacting change in Washington and ensuring that our federal-level allies defend the future of the U.S. cattle & beef industry for generations to come. This is your chance to get involved.

Corteva AgriScience

"By just showing up and participating you can make a difference in Washington D.C. People don’t believe it, but it’s true. It’s important to be involved and it’s really gratifying knowing you make an impact."

Kevin Kester, 2018 NCBA President

"PLC and NCBA help facilitate a great opportunity for rural producers to meet with the agency personnel as well as their elected officials about the issues affecting producers. This is especially important with the new administration and transition process to ensure that cattlemen’s priorities and recommendations for regulatory reform are being heard." 

Kacie Burns, Colorado Cattlemen's Association

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