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For more information about the Federation of State Beef Councils contact our staff: 

 Todd Johnson 

Senior Vice President Federation Services

State Beef Councils


  • Collect the checkoff and remit 50¢ to the Cattlemen's Beef Board (CBB)
  • Program
  • Implement promotion, consumer information, research, industry information, and producer communication programs

NCBA Federation Division

  • Through their Federation directors, direct development and implementation of national programs and projects funded by BPOC contracts and SBC investments
  • Elect Federation representatives to the BPOC

State Industry Membership Organizations


State industry membership organizations certified by the Secretary of Agriculture can nominate producers to be appointed to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board from their state or area.

NCBA’s Federation Division


Defined in the Order as the Beef Industry Council of the National Live Stock and Meat Board, or any successor organization to the Beef Industry Council, which includes as its State affiliates the qualified State beef councils.  At the time of the merger, USDA recognized the NCBA Federation Division as the successor organization.

By its bylaws, NCBA’s Federation Division has authority over all checkoff matters within NCBA.

Program Development & Implementation

  • Develops and implements programs
  • Contracts with BPOC as an existing national nonprofit industry organization in existence before the checkoff was established

Beef Promotion Operating Committee

  • Elects 10 Federation members
  • Helps determine programs and projects funded by national checkoff dollars

Contracting Organizations


National nonprofit industry organizations in existence before the enactment of the Beef Promotion and Research Act establishing the national beef checkoff.


Contract with the Operating Committee to conduct promotion, research, consumer and/or industry information programs.

Eligible Organizations

The Beef Board estimates that over 100 organizations qualify to contract with the Operating Committee. American Farm Bureau, National Farmers Union, Livestock Marketing Association, American Meat Institute, national breed associations, NCBA’s Federation Division, American National CattleWomen, U.S. Meat Export Federation, American Veal Association, Meat Importers Council of America, and National Livestock Producers Association are but a small sample of those eligible.

Cattlemen’s Beef Board

Powers of the Board
  • Administer the provisions of the Order
  • Make rules and regulations to implement the Order
  • Investigate and report complaints of violations of the Order
  • Adopt rules for the conduct of its business
  • Recommend amendments to the Order
  • Invest funds collected through assessments pending use
Duties of the Board
  • Meet a least annually
  • Select its officers
  • Elect an Executive Committee
  • Elect 10 representatives to the Beef Promotion Operating Committee  (BPOC)
  • Utilize the resources of established national nonprofit industry organizations
  • Approve and submit to the Secretary budgets prepared by the BPOC
  • Submit an administrative budget to the Secretary
  • Prepare an annual report of its activities and an accounting for funds received and expended
  • Have its books audited
  • Review applications from state beef promotion organizations
  • Encourage the coordination of programs

Beef Promotion Operating Committee

Powers of the Committee
  • Receive and evaluate, or develop and budget for promotion, research, consumer information and industry information plans or projects and make recommendations to the Secretary regarding these proposals
  • Select committees and subcommittees of Committee members, and to adopt rules to conduct its business
  • Establish committees of persons other than Committee members to advise the Committee

Duties of the Committee
  • With the Secretary’s approval, contract with established national nonprofit industry-governed organizations to implement programs
  • Disseminate information to Board members
  • Prepare and submit budgets to the Board for approval
  • Report its activities at least annually
  • Notify the Secretary of its meetings
  • Encourage the coordination of programs