The U.S. Cattle Industry Feedyard Audit Tool has been Updated!

Feedyard Audit Tool

The U.S. cattle industry has long upheld the highest standards in animal care and well-being, along with providing a safe, high quality product to consumers. The standards that have been set by the Checkoff-Funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program have laid the foundation for a robust and prosperous industry that is committed to doing the right thing.


Participation in the industry-wide third-party audits allows feedyard operations to demonstrate and quantify their commitment to animal care and a safe and abundant food supply. While third-party audits can demonstrate transparency, credibility and compliance with BQA industry standards, it is just one component of a comprehensive commitment to maintain and enhance customer and consumer trust in beef.

The U.S. Cattle Industry Feedyard Audit establishes a common set of practices and criteria that any cattle feedyard audit must include to be considered both comprehensive and in agreement with BQA standards. This audit creates a basis for packers and beef customers to verify that a feedyard is in compliance with and adheres to industry best practices as outlined in the BQA program. Results from the audit can provide information back to the feedyard to drive continuous improvement and measure the effectiveness by which the operation implements BQA standards.

A complete audit will include review of records and protocols, animal observations both in pens and during processing, facilities, and potentially employee interviews.

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