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The World’s Finest Fire Pit and Grill™

We are proud to partner with NCBA in its effort to advance the interests of the men and women of America’s beef industry. Our products are designed to last not just seasons, but for generations. Made from solid plate steel, they are beautiful, functional, durable, and portable. Our Cauldrons can be used as a fire pit, as a grill, as a smoker, or as a cooking vessel!

Available in four sizes, there is a Cauldron to fit every location and lifestyle.


NCBA Members receive special discounts on our products, including specially-priced accessory bundles available only to NCBA Members.

Seasonal updates and specials on all of our Cauldron units, as well as new products.

Live telephone assistance for questions, shipping coordination, and more.

Be sure to add this bundle, and your cauldron of choice, to your cart in order to receive the discount offer!

A note from our founder

Cowboy Cauldron Company was born at Mount Vernon, Virginia, the home of George Washington. Among his many accomplishments, Washington was one of the most forward-thinking and progressive of our colonial agriculture figures. His lands featured grain production, cash crops (tobacco and whiskey) as well as extensive grazing and ranching holdings. My children grew up knowing the names of the milk cows, bulls, and many of the other animals on the estate.

Continuing our own founding traditions, I’m proud to have Cowboy Cauldron Company support America’s beef industry by providing exclusive discounts and special offers available ONLY to NCBA members!

Our Story

Our company, and the Cowboy Cauldron Lifestyle, is about living well, as best you are able. It’s about sharing. It’s about taking care of those who take care of you.

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In order to make these benefits easy to access, you can order online, or we will have one of our staff members personally take your order over the phone, as well as answer any questions you might have.

Please accept my personal thanks for your role in feeding the citizens of our country and the world, and for taking care of the land we have all inherited from our forefathers. Should you choose to do business with us, know that it will be our honor to serve you.


Cowboy Cauldrons are a matter of pride for their owners as well as for us.

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