Nearly 90% of farmers and ranchers state that ensuring and maintaining a healthy workforce is important to the future of the industry. This includes a focus on workforce safety and well-being, job creation, fair compensation and succession and management plans. We know every participant in the cattle business counts. The long-term viability of U.S. cattle production is largely dependent on our workforce – owners, ranch managers, livestock haulers, pen riders, veterinarians, animal handlers and everyone who plays a role in the success of our industry. NCBA is home to several programs, such as Stockmanship & Stewardship and Beef Quality Assurance, which support U.S. cattle producers in their efforts to continuously improve our industry’s workforce safety and well-being. Cattle producers in the U.S. have a long history of sustainable resource management and continuous improvement to enhance the lives of the animals in their care. They work hard to conserve healthy ecosystems and wildlife habitat while providing excellent animal care. In setting this goal, the U.S. cattle industry affirms our commitment to a beef cattle production supply chain that is safe for our animals and ecosystems. We know that datapoints are not the only factor in beef consumers’ confidence. For years, the Beef Quality Assurance program has been a hallmark of high-quality animal husbandry practices among U.S. cattle producers. Their stories complement the statistics and demonstrate the amount of care that cattle producers have for their land and animals.

2017 Cattlemen's Stewardship Review | Beef Checkoff

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