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“In January 2021, we set out to establish a set of sustainability goals that would inspire progress within the U.S. cattle production community. These goals are producer-focused and science-based. We know that U.S. beef is the most sustainable in the world, and that we’ll only continue to improve. It’s time to carry that message to the rest of the world.”

– Marty Smith, Past President, Sustainability Goals Task Force Chairman, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Social SustainabilityCARE FOR OUR ANIMALS & LAND


Enhance trust in cattle producers as responsible stewards of their animals and resources by expanding educational opportunities in animal care and handling programs to further improve animal well-being.

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Social SustainabilityCARE FOR OUR PEOPLE


Continuously improve our industry’s workforce safety and well-being.

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Environmental SustainabilityCARE FOR OUR PLANET


Demonstrate the climate neutrality of U.S. cattle production by 2040.

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Economic SustainabilityBUILD OUR RESILIENCY


Create and enhance opportunities that result in a quantifiable increase in producer profitability and economic sustainability by 2025.

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